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Rambo Circus

Entertaining since 1991


With the help of its wings a bird flies higher & higher in the skies ! With the help of its fins, a fish swims across the endless oceans!! Wings for a bird & fins for a fish help them triumph the blue skies or deep oceans!

Similarly, circus artists also need such wings or fins for their success! And they are their equipments. Yes, the artists need latest equipments in order to entertain people more and more. Indian circus artists are no inferior to the international circus artists in terms of their courage, determination or hard-work. It is the lack of latest & modern equipments keeps them behind. To keep pace with the international level acts, our artists also need high quality products to help them improve their performance.

We therefore request you to sponsor our wonderful artists so that they can show their talent to the world. Help artists to provide with the best equipments. Your valuable contribution & encouragement will give them wings to fly to the top of success. Contact us for your valuable donations.